Backyard currently operates commercial solid waste facilities in Oklahoma and West Texas. Our facilities operate on a 24/7 schedule, and indirect fired thermal desorption units are currently used at each facility. Additionally, Backyard can store thousands of barrels of untreated waste while the material awaits processing, recycling, or disposal.

Backyard Environmental was able to expand into West Texas and deploy the same comprehensive environmental solution used in Oklahoma to recapture the valuable mud diesel and transform the solids to a beneficial road base material. This allows West Texas operators to utilize our modern technology rather than outdated methods of disposing of E&P waste, which may cause environmental consequences to our soil, water, ecosystems, and animal habitats. The benefit for all stakeholders is that the engineered environmental solution offered by Backyard is efficient and cost effective compared with past practices.

The Texas-New Mexico state line location delivers a strategic geographic platform for Backyard to supply our environmental solutions to oil and gas operations across the Delaware Basin and in the larger Permian region. We are pleased to be able to offer alternative environmentally friendly solutions and even more pleased that new customers are realizing the importance of caring for the environment and taking advantage of the ability to convert and reuse solid waste from oil and gas sites.

Customers across the oil and gas industry are well aware they are now operating in a new environmentally focused, ESG-driven era. How companies approach the handling of their solid drill site wastes during drilling and well completions will help define their image for institutional investors, employees, media and regulators. It is our belief that through unique processes, service offerings, and our proprietary waste tracking system which includes a record of every inbound load as well as all outbound shipment, Backyard Environmental offers the best E&P waste processing solution in the industry.