Backyard Environmental is committed to continuous research and development in order to create, improve and implement modern E&P waste solutions that do not harm the environment. Our solutions are an enhancement to any energy company’s ESG programs as well as cost effective to the operating budget. By utilizing Backyard’s modern processes you can transform energy waste into an opportunity to manage your operations more efficiently and environmentally responsible.

How Backyard Approaches the Solid Waste Solution

Recycling, Reclamation, Treatment, Reuse, Disposal

Backyard Environmental Solutions provides cradle-to-grave environmental solutions for fluid and solid waste generated during oilfield operations.

Unlike other waste management providers, we do not simply dispose of all oilfield waste. We have developed an innovative approach to recycling oilfield fluids and solid waste streams. We view much of the oilfield waste that is typically discharged and thrown away by others in the industry as an asset whose value can be realized through proper treatment technologies which is a benefit for both our customers and communities we serve.

To that end we have developed a proprietary process to separate fluids from the solid materials. We treat the fluid and recycle the water. Backyard also reclaims drill cuttings by turning them into road base. Since we began operations, we have partnered with local counties and industry to build and improve the roads in the communities where we operate.

Backyard began an extensive ongoing research and development project on day one. As a result. we have continuously learned from industry methods and processes and we challenge them continually. One example is the development, manufacture, and deployment of two indirect fired thermal desorption units “ITDU.” The ITDUs allow Backyard to reduce waste volume 50% or more, recapture valuable mud diesel and completely solidify and treat the solid waste for reuse.

Backyard takes custody of any materials from oilfield operations that cannot be recycled, reclaimed, treated or reused. We dispose of these waste products utilizing modern disposal methods and incorporate industry best practices at our disposal locations. By taking over the care, custody and control of any materials designated for disposal, Backyard reduces the liability of the operating companies that generated the waste materials.