Thermal Technologies Manager

Jason Ridenour is the Thermal Technologies Manager for Backyard Environmental Solutions. Mr. Ridenour began his career in the truck tire manufacturing business. His professional path quickly gained momentum when he joined Whirlpool as the warehouse supervisor at their mid-continent manufacturing facility. He played a vital role in the supply chain just-in-time process, overseeing the efficient receipt, inventory control, dispatch and a wide range processes, including managing teams of workers involved in product quality control. Mr. Ridenour seized the opportunity to join a large heavy duty hauling and pipeline construction organization where he advanced to a logistics specialist providing direction to drivers and equipment operators to ensure quality, safety and long-term productivity. He accepted a position with Simons Petroleum's lubricant division in Oklahoma City before becoming a member and the first employee of Backyard Environmental Solutions. Mr. Ridenour provides a comprehensive range of on-site, logistics and environmental services to exceed the requirements of our customers.