Backyard’s primary mission is to safely provide energy operators with a waste management platform spanning multiple basins in an effective, scalable and cost saving manner. Including convenient strategically located commercial facilities for the E&P waste, Backyard can offer solutions without weather or seasonal restrictions. In addition to recycling and recovery we plan to continue to build out our infrastructure to offer the best of class commercial facilities to reduce contingent liabilities and protect the environment. We continue to create and evaluate new technologies and processes that can enhance our commitment to our customers and allow us to be more cost competitive.


Backyard Environmental Solutions’ vision is to provide the oil and gas industry with the most environmentally focused solution for the handling, treatment, recycling and disposal of E&P waste generated during the process of drilling and completing wells.


  • We value safety in the workplace above all else.
  • We value environmental protection.
  • We value our employees, their ideas, and contributions.
  • We seek to constantly improve how we process E&P waste.
  • We value diversity in ideas, backgrounds, and cultures.