General Manager

Thurman Trammell is a general manager within Backyard Environmental Solutions LLC, supporting field operations from the corporate office in Oklahoma City.  Mr. Trammell joined Backyard Environmental Solutions in May of 2017 and has been responsible for the coordination of personnel, safety and accounts receivable, as well as technical support.
Mr. Trammell's prior role was in the capacity of logistics manager for Ace Hardware Corporation for the eighteen years proceeding Backyard Environmental.  In this role he was responsible for managing the transportation department for the Dallas Retail Support Center which was comprised of 35 drivers, two supervisors, and several administrative employees.  He was also responsible for the overall financial well-being of the department which included budgeting and account oversite. Mr. Trammell has maintained various leadership roles in his working career of 33 years during which he has attained a high degree of skill in many areas, making it possible for him to take on new roles where necessary to support the company.