Backyard Environmental has developed a process and technology that offers a safe and environmentally friendly solution for oil and gas operators in two of the most active U.S. oil and gas regions — West Texas and Mid-Continent.

  • We accept all your E&P waste products including drill cuttings, drilling mud, produced sand, sediments, emulsions, etc.
  • We operate two strategically located E&P waste treatment facilities, and currently have additional locations in development.
  • Two statewide commercial recycling permits in both Oklahoma and Texas.
  • At our disposal facilities we deploy industry leading technology to transform E&P waste materials into valuable products.
  • Our thermal technology uses a processing method called indirect fired thermal desorption (ITDU) designed to separate the organic constituents from the waste stream. Once the hydrocarbons are recovered as mud diesel, treated soil is discharged for use as construction material. The waste is condensed, treated, and recycled.

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