Member Manager

Conor O’Reilly is a co-founder and a managing partner of Backyard Environmental Solutions. Mr. O’Reilly joined Simons Petroleum’s operational team at a fuel and lubricant distribution center in 2006 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business management and computer information systems from Appalachian State University.  He gained valuable operational and engineering experience while working directly with oil and gas operators and drilling contractors. During this time Mr. O’Reilly served as the manager of the drilling and exploration technical field services team for the United States. He later became a division manager of sales and marketing for Simons Petroleum.

Mr. O’Reilly co-founded Kodiak Energy Services in 2011, an oil and gas service provider focused on drilling solids control and cost-effective solutions for producers operating in the Mid-Continent. He divested his interest in Kodiak Energy Services in late 2013 to focus exclusively on working with Simons to execute Backyard Environmental Solutions’ business plan and growth strategy.