Operations Manager – Oklahoma

Tabitha Barnes is the operations manager for Oklahoma. She joined Backyard Environmental in April of 2020. Ms. Barnes spent five years as a paralegal at a general practice firm. She then accepted a position as a project manager for a mineral acquisition firm, leasing minerals in Canadian, Kingfisher and Blaine Counties. After this project was completed, she accepted a position with Behrens, Wheeler & Chamberlain, an oil and gas law firm practicing in the Corporation Commission, where she stayed for eight years. Ms. Barnes was hired by Crystal Mountain, LLC, otherwise known as Directional Fluid Disposals, in the position of compliance manager. Within six months, she accepted the position of General Manager, where she oversaw the day to day business of four mud disposals for the next four and a half years. Ms. Barnes attended City College and later attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University for business management.